Meal Prep Bag - Homequip Meal Prep Lunch Bag With 6 Portion Control Food Containers: Best Leak-proof, Canvas, Insulated Cooler / Thermal Tote Bag Set With Shaker Cup- For Work, School, Gym & Picnics, Men & Women

ABOUT HOMEQUIP:We are a recognized kitchen line with a long, successful history of versatile kitchen essentials. We created a cohesive collections through style, quality, and practicality. We love to make your cooking experience simple & fun. We now offer a variety of innovative kitchen gadgets that will enhance your kitchen experience. From oil presses, organizers, glass jars, and home brew bottles makes your kitchen feel tidy & neat.VERSATILE USES:This Insulated Thermal Tote Bag is ideal for many different purposes. Travel lunch box, School lunch Bag, Work lunch bag, Diet and food portion control planning, Food delivery, Outdoor picnic and lunches. Can also be used as a cooler bag for Hiking and camping. HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS:Made from BPA FREE materials, containers are made from polypropylene, unlike other typical food containers which have many chemicals and alters the taste of your food.STAY ORGANIZED:Containers keep food fresh all day and they are also DISHWASHER & MICROWAVE SAFE.They come with 6 containers so you can split up your food for extra freshness.HEALTH BENEFIT:Great for portion control or special diets like weight watchers. Allows a healthy lunch to be eye-appealing and exciting. No need to order unhealthy take out to the office that are loaded with preservatives and chemicals. Plan and prep you meals to stay healthy and content all day.


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